Cooperation with local entrepreneurs:

We prefer to work with local products and with various local entrepreneurs.
In this way we try to support everyone in his or her business.

In the courtyard, just before you go through the gate, you will see several (garbage) bins on the left. These are intended to put in the empty water bottles (both small and large) and the cans. Empty water bottles are reused to sell local drinks, such as Wonjo and Baobab. Empty cans are collected and when there is enough, pans and scoops will be made by local people.

We also work together with a local greengrocer and a fruit lady. This can be brought to Lisa's. (ask for the possibilities)

In the appartments you can see price tags for a number of objects. These are made by the local people and are for sale.

You can also come to us for excursions, such as bird watching, pottery, relax day or night away, visit to a craft market or to bustling Serekunda.

For more information, feel free to come to the reception and ask about the possibilities.