How it all started:


Welcome to Lisa's (self-catering Appartments) How nice that you visit our site. We are Lisette and Jeroen.

From the moment we discovered Gambia in 2013, we have been in love 
become on land.
We started with a 9 day holiday. Soon it became 14 days, 21 days and then a monthly, sometimes up to 2x a year. We saw Gambia as our 2nd homeland.
In 2021, we took the step to leave the Netherlands behind and emigrate.
We had ideas what we wanted to do, but nothing was set in stone. First ground and
orient. After a few months we saw a piece of land in Kololi which we found very interesting, so that's what we went after.
After a lot of research by the lawyer, everything turned out to be in order and we bought it.
How are we going to go about it.... what needs to be arranged.... During the day you think about it, but also at night you wake up with ideas.

When you click here , you can see our whole story from the beginning.